from Bertho Grandpied:

> Regarding the next FreeDOS 1.2 and possible later 1.x releases,
> I'd like to see the kernel upgraded to supporting large sector
> sizes, rather than hear fantasies about '32 bit FreeDOS' !

> As far as the 16-bitty-FreeDOS kernel is concerned,
> it's been clearly stated that the goal is to be (at least)
> at the level of MS-DOS 3.x to MS-DOS 6.2x
> Those proprietary DOSes support installable block devices
> with 8k-byte sectors (claimed) and even up to 32k (not claimed by
> MS, but effectively working, even if such sector sizes
> are ineffective and arguably ridiculous).

> I'd like to hear from the Kernel team (is that just one-man, aka
> PerditionC ?) on this subject.

> A proposed roadmap could have, ideally :

> - at FREEDOS 1.2 : achieve the compatibility as advertised with MS-DOS,
> i.e. allow installable block drivers declaring 8 k bytes  per sector (bps).
> 16 & 32 k bps are not necessary IMO, if they work (silently, unadvertised)
> so much the better.
> At LEAST we SHOULD have 4k bps working and tested, which while
> not up to MS-DOS, is necessary (and sufficient) for most if not all current 
> devices.

> - at 1.2 OR LATER, let FREEDOS optimise buffer management BETTER than MS-DOS :
> e.g. could have differentiated pools of buffers for 512 and 4K bps (or other 
> 'large' sectors),
> or 1 pool but intelligent management of space so as not to waste
> a large part of buffer space in the presence of devices with different sector 
> sizes.
> Possibly, with buffers in XMS, EMS...

> - some time : update DOS's built-in (not installable) disk drivers so they, 
> too, support
> native 4k bps sectors (or more).

> - some time : support booting from large sectors (may need BIOS or auxiliart 
> support)

> Of these steps, I deem the first one an absolute must in this time and world.

> Opinions please ? and HAPPY NEW TEAR !

> Czerno

Fujitsu magneto-optical disks (DynaMO), or at least the bigger ones, now long 
out of production, had 2048-byte sectors.

Now the new multi-TB hard drives have 4096-byte physical sectors, at least some 
of them try to act as if sector size were 512 bytes.

So any modern OS needs to support at least 4096-byte sectors.

But these hard disks are big, well above the limit or comfort limit of FAT32 
file system, but FreeDOS could run in or be able to access a FAT32 partition.

There really needs to be GPT support with hard drives that would have 4096-byte 

Next step up from 4096 bytes could be 8k, 16k ...

Lack of GPT support is a barrier to my ability to run OSes lacking GPT support, 
including FreeDOS, ReactOS and OpenBSD.

I suppose, if I really wanted, I could use an emulator such as VirtualBox, or 
possibly NFS.


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