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> My problem is,
> though, that being a quite modern HP computer made and bought in 2014,
> it does not have a serial port. Under windows 8.1, I have used a
> Prolific PL-2303 adapter. It works flawlessly and I can use all of the
> serial features of the Braille ’n Speak with it. The thing is, I haven’t
> seen any mention to this working under FreeDOS. Could anyone here tell
> me if it is possible to use one of these adapters?

The DOSUSB drivers by Georg Potthast include a driver which claims to  
support adapters with Prolific chipsets. I don't have such an adapter  
myself, so I don't know how well it works.

> This brings me to my second question. The sound card. I am aware that  
> windows pretty much blocks out the PC speaker, even though I think my  
> computer has one. FreeDOS does allow it, I believe. What I don’t know is  
> if I’ll be able to actually somehow emulate a sound card, possibly a  
> Sound Blaster compatible one, with the integrated realtek one my PC has.

There is a program called VSB which emulates a Sound Blaster and sends the  
output to the PC speaker or a Covox Speech Thing (which despite its name  
is only a digital-to-analog converter connected to the parallel port).  
However, it is only compatible with real mode software, and even then not  
all of it. The quality, of course, is not that great, but it is probably  
good enough for speech.

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