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> I was wondering if xcdrom.sys is in the freedos installation .iso.
> If so, what is the full path to it's location?
> If not, I am wondering:
>   a) just curious, why not?

Don't know, probably nobody needed it badly enough, or nobody thought
to put it there. FD 1.1's .iso was done very quickly by a very small
group (hi, Bernd!).

>   b) where are the notes (besides the man page) describing utilization of
> the file and where to get it?
>   c) is there an "official" copy of the file?
>   d) where is the "official" repository for the file?

Oops, now I see that you're saying "xcdrom" [sic] and not one of the
various forks. It's a complicated history, but maybe I'm

Jack Ellis originally wrote various "drivers", and XCDROM was one of
them. IIRC, it lacked some special support (SATA? PATA?), so some
outside people forked it and made GCDROM (and XGCDROM).


IIRC, Jack has long since disavowed those old ("buggy") versions, and
nowadays you're pretty much expected to use UIDE (etc).


However, I've not heard from him lately, so I don't know if he's going
to continue developing them or not. Color me pessimistic.

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