On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 4:54 AM, Thomas Mueller <mueller6...@twc.com> wrote:
> from dmccunney and Ralf Quint:
>> > You may want to look at vDOS instead.  vDOS is a fork of DOSBox,
>> > specifically intended to run character mode DOS business apps on
>> > Windows.  See https://sourceforge.net/projects/vdos/
>> +1 vDOS is a much better choice than DOSBox if you do not intend to run
>> games. Even parallel and serial port might work, which usually is a
>> no-go in DOSBox
> +1 and -1: vDOS is only for Windows, DOSBox can be built and run on Linux and 
> the BSDs.
> I've done that in FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux; main DOS application of interest 
> was Borland Quattro Pro 5 for DOS.

I have DOSBox up under Linux.  For that matter, there are several
ports to Android.  I got a couple of old DOS character mode games
running on my Android tablet (DOS versions of Unix Larn and VMS
Empire), but haven't been able to get the main object of interest
(Eric Meyer's VDE  WordStar style editor) going because Ctrl-key
combos aren't being passed through.  It's apparently doable if you
diddle keymap.conf correctly, but that's non-trivial to do that under

I dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu 14.04 here, so the Windows only nature of
vDOS isn't an issue.  And it provides handy methods for dealing with
serial and parallel ports - you can configure the virtual port to be a
program.  In VMS Empire, for instance, the game map that would
normally go to a printer actually comes up in my text editor.

The biggest issue is that stock vDOS *only* supports DOS 8+3 file
names.  (The author apparently feels that if it wasn't in real DOS, he
won't add it to vDOS.)  Fortunately, a third-party mod adds LFN
support, so it's much more usable in a Windows host file system.

> Tom

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