On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 11:37 AM, Knute Myhrvold <knut...@att.net> wrote:
> I did:  type FRACTINT at the command line...  have tried that several times.
> Was I in the proper Folder?  I thought so... after typing "dir fractint" 
> FreeDOS did display
> the many files there, including "FRACTINT.EXE".  I then typed FRACTINT and 
> again it didn't run.
> And I have been studying DOS, esp. looking for commands that would 
> run/open/execute Fractint.
> So far, nothing has worked.
> Rather than anything else, could you please just say exactly what you would 
> type as a command
> in VB FreeDOS to get Fractint to run?
> On 2/2/2015 5:18 AM, Knute Myhrvold wrote:
> I want to run Fractint, an old DOS fractal image generater.
> I used to run it on Win95, 98, and NT, and it will run on some WinXPmachines, 
> but not mine.
> So I have installed VirtualBox and finally successfully installed FreeDOS as 
> a Guest in it...
> in the Settings I put FRACTINT.EXE and all its accompanying files into a 
> "Shared Folder" for FreeDOS.
> But I still can't run Fractint.
> *(The Shared Folders are  C:\DOS\fractint\FRACTINT.EXE )
> The bottom of the running FreeDOS window shows C:\>_
> By typing "dir" I see that FreeDOS DOES show Fractint!
> By typing "dir fractint" I see that FreeDOS lists the scores of files in the 
> Fractint Folder,
> including "FRACTINT.EXE".
> But that's as far as I have gotten... HOW do I get FreeDOS to RUN Fractint?  
> How is it done?

For me, I just used yet another (heavily modified) MetaDOS setup that
I've been playing with. It's not very big, but it does have networking
that works under VirtualBox (thanks to packet driver). The default FD
1.1 install should also have a working packet driver, at least for

"wget http://www.fractint.org/ftp/current/dos/fractint-20.04p12.zip";
and "unzip fract*.zip" and "cd fractint.04p" and then "demo.bat" seems
to run it correctly for me.

Perhaps part of the confusion is trying to share "host" (?) files with
your "guest" VM OS? I've honestly not tried that, so I can't say how
that works. I don't think that's supported for DOS guests in VBox.

Your alternatives, if this isn't convenient, is to try to use some
kind of virtual floppy drive on Windows. Or similar way to insert
files into a disk image. Actually, QEMU can do this, but I don't know
about VBox. You could always read Ulrich's (LazyBrownDog? FD Wiki?)
Networking tutorial, if you think it'll help. But I'm not sure setting
up an FTP server is reasonably easy for you, though.

Or just use VMware. FreeDOS did have one guy (Eduardo) contribute
VMSMOUNT, which lets you access host/guest files easier, but I have no
idea if VMware (fully?) works without VT-X. (I can't test everything.)
Downloading yet another huge hypervisor is probably overkill.

Or use DOSBox (slow 486 software-only emulator, not a real DOS, but it
should work with such graphical programs like this, and it mounts host
file system easily). Or install native FreeDOS to a bootable USB drive
via RUFUS (although you may need help to boot from that, e.g. PLoP
Boot Manager, if your WinXP machine is too old).

Does any of this sound reasonably helpful? It could always be more
obvious, of course, but it's hard to know what exactly you're trying
to do.

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