It sounds like you are trying to do it right. You must include the path
on your
command. Is it possible that you are missing a file - like a license file
you directory. It may be free now but was probably once shareware that
after a period if unpurchased. Most of the time they give away the dos
free now. 
I run my dos on cf chips by itself. I have hundreds of nice programs from
the old days.
I built a screen menu with bat files. I type in a nunber followed by a
letter to start my programs.
When I exit it takes me back to c:\ where I started and redisplays the
menu with numbers
and letters listed for each program

Good luck

On Mon, 2 Feb 2015 05:18:42 -0800 "Knute Myhrvold" <>
> I want to run Fractint, an old DOS fractal image generater.
> I used to run it on Win95, 98, and NT, and it will run on some 
> WinXPmachines, but not mine.
> So I have installed VirtualBox and finally successfully installed 
> FreeDOS as a Guest in it... in the Settings I put FRACTINT.EXE and 
> all its accompanying files into a "Shared Folder" for FreeDOS.
> But I still can't run Fractint.  
> *(The Shared Folders are  C:\DOS\fractint\FRACTINT.EXE )
> The bottom of the running FreeDOS window shows C:\>_ 
> By typing "dir" I see that FreeDOS DOES show Fractint!
> By typing "dir fractint" I see that FreeDOS lists the scores of 
> files in the Fractint Folder, including "FRACTINT.EXE".
> But that's as far as I have gotten... HOW do I get FreeDOS to RUN 
> Fractint?  How is it done?
> Thanks for any help!
> ---
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