On 2/2/2015 5:00 PM, Dale E Sterner wrote:
It sounds like you are trying to do it right. You must include the path
on your
command. Is it possible that you are missing a file - like a license file
you directory. It may be free now but was probably once shareware that
after a period if unpurchased. Most of the time they give away the dos
free now.
No, in his previous post(s) he stated that when he types "dir fractint" it shows the contents of the folder, that means he is executing that commend from a level above. And just typing "fractint[.exe]" does not find it, which clearly indicates that that "fractint" folder is not in his path. So the presence of a license file (or the lack thereof) doesn't have any bearing on what he is trying to do until he properly tells (Free)DOS what exactly he's trying to execute. So as I already told him, he needs to add the full path to that .exe file to the PATH variable or simpler, to get him going, _*c*__h_ange into the fractint **_*d*__ir_ectory (hence my hint to the _*C*H*D*IR_ command, "folder" is properly called a "directory" in DOS) and then try to type and execute fractint.exe. And if that program then is actually doing what he expects (in a VM) is a complete different story...


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