From: dmccunney on 8 Feb 2015 15:14:17 -0500:
> As mentioned, on the machine FreeDOS is installed on, I have
> multiple partitions and file systems.  When I set it up to begin
> with, I assumed FreeDOS would use FAT16 and have the 2GB volume
> size limit in consequence, so that determined the partition
> size.

Since I haven't seen people mention 4 GB FAT16 partitions, I'd
like to say that I started using them last month, and they've
been working perfectly so far.

I went for the 4 GB partitions after running out of space
because of digital camera JPG files. And I stayed with FAT16 to
be able to run Defrag and ChkDsk, which don't work with FAT32.

The 4 GB partitions can be created either with FreeDOS Fdisk or
with Linux GParted. However, with very old computers, if the
BIOS does not properly recognize the size of the hard disk,
Fdisk will only create partitions up to 2 GB.



Marcos Fávero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil

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