On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 3:32 PM, dmccunney <dennis.mccun...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 12:38 PM, John R. Sowden
> <jsow...@americansentry.net> wrote:
> "dos editor very long files ignore eol character"
>> I am looking for the above.

What machines (cpu, RAM, OS [version + memory managers]) are you
primarily using? What editor were you using before? What did it do
that you liked? What did it lack that you needed?

> How long is "very long"?, and what do you mean by "ignore eol character"?

Presumably he means edit files greater than 64 kb. Also, he presumably
wants to be able to edit *nix-only LF files as well as the normal

> A commercial editor called Vedit claims to be able to edit enormous
> files, and still offers  an older version that runs on DOS.

Keep in mind that "older" usually means "less features", so any blurbs
or advertisements aren't going to be 100% reflected in that version.

> "VEDIT quickly edits, translates and sorts any text, data, binary
> (hex) or EBCDIC file; even 100+ Gigabytes!"

This may not be accurate or well-supported for the DOS version. It
might not be "supported" at all! While I respect your right to mention
any tools that fits the bill, I'm skeptical that this will truly solve
anything. (I'm also, but only vaguely, surprised you didn't link him
to the texteditors.org wiki.)

So what would I recommend? Barring any facts or reasons to think
otherwise, I'd suggest something 32-bit compiled by DJGPP (386+,
DPMI). The ones that stick out (besides obligatory popular favorites
like VIM or GNU Emacs) are TDE, VILE, JED, Mined, FTE.

FreeDOS' Software List does have an "EDIT" category, but it's far from


Blocek, Fed, Freemacs, Mined, Ospedit, Setedit, TDE, VIM

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