> MD5 is okay and I burnt it with the slowest speed setting (1x).
> Still the same. From the complete base package not a single one could be 
> installed ("There were 68 errors and 0 non-fatal warnings.").

If I have to guess: Maybe the installer is on the
virtual floppy drive and the CD-ROM driver does
not recognize your drive? Do you see any FreeDOS
content on the D: or E: drives? In general, there
should be an area with lots of ZIP files with the
packages on your CD: If the installer has issues,
try telling it where the zips are, or if all else
fails, just unzip the files to the freedos dir on
your target disk (e.g. DOS partition on harddisk)
as unzipping is the main install step anyway. You
will still miss the other installer details done
with the ZIPs, but you will have the contents :-)


PS: Try setting the controller to which your CD/DVD
or BluRay drive is connected to non-AHCI/non-RAID,
using your BIOS CMOS setup.

> Despite of the failed installation the harddisk seems to be bootable 
> because it complains: "Loading FreeDOS No KERNEL   SYS"
> I guess I just have to put the right files into the proper folder (C:\FDOS)?
> But which files do I have to copy from the CD? The files from the 
> E:\FREEDOS\PACKAGES folder? Unzip them onto the HD?

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