Hi Dosgeek!

> This is my number one request for FreeDOS 1.2/2/0.
> Can we PLEASE increase the FreeDOS edit capacity to at least match the
> capacity MS-DOS edit? I get so aggravated trying to open included .txt files
> with various DOS programs only to find that the file exceeds the capacity of
> FreeDOS edit. 

But what IS the maximum file size in MS DOS EDIT?

I just tried with FreeDOS EDIT while I had 626 kB
DOS memory free: The limit per file seems to be
exactly 64000 bytes, but you can open several of
those as long as you have enough memory. Of course
there are many other editors in our distro which
you can use as alternative editors at any time:


For example SETEDIT and TDE let you edit files which
are several megabytes big and Blocek and Mined even
support Unicode! Also, SETEDIT and TDE look similar
enough to MS DOS EDIT, so you can enjoy them all :-)

(Rugxulo: Please mirror blocek 1.4b, small fix :-))

So why so many editors? FreeDOS EDIT works on 8086,
if you can find any of those in your museum. It is
also a demo use for a nice user interface toolkit,
which you could also use to program other tools. It
has a calendar and an ASCII table. Just a nice small
multi-file text editor as default FreeDOS editor :-)

With TDE, SETEDIT or the Unicode editors, you get a
lot more power. They work on any 386 or newer PC, in
the Unicode case any 386 with VGA or better graphics.

Cheers, Eric

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