On 3/31/2015 6:15 PM, Dale E Sterner wrote:
> I installed the dos 7.1 on a 4gig cf chip. It come with a gnu licence but
> belongs to microsoft - strange. It looks alot like freedos ; but I think
> is better - more to it. It uses cutemouse and a bunch of Linux stuff not
> native to microsoft. It seems to be a legal hybrid of sorts. I think
> this dos 7.1 is a legal copy, Maybe from microsoft itself.
Dream on...

There isn't even an official MS-DOS 7.1, and most certainly not anything 
under a "gnu" license. You just have been taken for a ride...

And in general, as mentioned a lot of times here already, there is no 
legal base for anything that is labeled "abandoned ware" or the like. If 
it has a copyright, you are bound to the license terms of that software 
and for all Microsoft software, that means you are not allowed to copy 
and distribute it. That's the reason why Jim brought FreeDOS to live in 
the first place...


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