Excerpt from Eric Auer:

> Hi Karen,

> > What discouraged me from using freedos was
> > first the "for legacy games use only," suggestion on the site,

> That probably was a while ago: Now I would say this is more
> the target audience of dosbox, in particular for Windows.

> > and second, the lack of  attention to native things like  USB and
> > networking.

> A classic for networking is the realtek rtl8139 chipset:
> If you find no DOS driver for your new network chip, you
> can always plug a PCI network card with that classic chip.

> When some modern (gigabit-) network chip is not supported
> in DOS, all DOS versions are affected, not only FreeDOS.

Many modern motherboards come with PCIE but no PCI, but I believe one could 
find a DOS-packet-driver-compatible rtl8139 Ethernet.

Otherwise, many motherboards have the capability to boot from the network; also 
there are pxe and gpxe packages, also pxelinux, gpxelinux and lpxelinux in 
Syslinux package.

So conceivably one could play diskless and boot FreeDOS or other OS from the 
network and still access local disks.


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