Hello all,

I released today a new version of my Hex editor for DOS called uHex. 
It's mostly a maintenance release, but contains one bug fix, and makes 
it possible to use uHex on non-DOS platforms, too (tested on Linux, but 
should work on anything that is POSIX and provides some kind of curses).

Here below is the changelog:

uHex v1.0.2 [10 May 2015]
  - fixed possible crashes when using the 'search' function caused by
    dereferencing a NULL pointer,
  - general code cleanup and reorganisation,
  - versioning changed from 1.0x to 1.0.x (hence this is v1.0.2,
    not v1.02),
  - relicensed uHex from GNU GPL to the "2-clause" BSD license,
  - added a curse-based I/O driver for porting to POSIX systems.



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