Not to complain, but it's hard to understand what this do exactly, and 
how one's supposed to use it.

What compiler is it targetted to? Protected mode or real mode? If real 
mode, what memory model? What kind of files does this play?

There is no include headers provided even, so it's impossible to guess 
the functions prototypes.

Also, being a closed-source DOS library in 2015 makes it very unlikely 
to be used by anyone.

It's nice you try to do stuff of course, but as it is now, I fear the 
library is unusable.


On 16/05/2015 18:44, Micheal Muniko wrote:
> I'm releasing a new library. It is called MMD which stands for Michael's
> Music Driver. It is free for non-commercial use.
> Download it here:

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