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> Granted, I am not using a  browser directly on my computer,  but this
> of mouse because I cannot. it is because  no one has done a dos build of Lynx
> in a grand while.

Juan Manuel Guerrero did a DJGPP build (not necessarily heavily tested
nor lots of new code written) for Lynx a few months ago. It's on the
mirrors. I know I posted a message here about it. I thought you'd have
noticed that. I haven't tried it personally, and it sounds somewhat
complicated to use (download this, set that), but it does exist. But I
wouldn't pin any huge hopes on it doing everything you want by

> Equally elinks needs spider monkey to have the slight
> java  and for some reason I cannot find a recent links for dos.

I'm not aware of any Javascript support in DOS. Which is bad because
some things (e.g. Google Groups) now require it.

But indeed there is a Links2 port to DOS (thanks to Mikulas). I
mentioned that on the mailing list too, and I mirrored it to iBiblio
for us. This I have (somewhat limited) used, esp. under QEMU or VBox
(where I actually have a working packet driver). Even "-g" (graphical)
works. He's done a test build very recently that attempts to fix some
things (I guess??), but I haven't tried it.

> Browsers not withstanding though, why is it so hard to just do this in 
> freedos?

No developers, no testers, very disorganized (well, FreeDOS is
organized quite nicely, thanks to Jim Hall, but overall the DOS
ecosystem is chaotic). And that's with free tools, a free kernel, and
well-documented interfaces. It's considered old, dead, obsolete, and
nobody cares anymore. Blame them, not us! We're too few in number to
do anything major.

> took me ten minutes to do the setup i have for networking.
> I may hunt the wifi card  below, if it is suitable for a laptop.
> Sorry if this seems innocent, but what is the challenge?

It's a complicated world, always fighting to replace (or break)
pre-existing things, so no, it's never easy. Plus people (even
so-called friends) can't even get along. It's a mess. Sorry for
cynicism, pessimism, it's just frustrating trying to not fail when
everything is against you.

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