On 22/05/2015 05:00, David Griffith wrote:
> The "FROTZ" that appears in the crash message is from the
 > filename of the executable.  If I rename
> it to FOO.EXE, the crash message will contain "FOO".

Yes, that's because the 'system halt' message prints out the MCB when 
MCB corruption happens (which is stated in the message itself). The MCB 
is an area managed by DOS, vaguely looking like a linked list where DOS 
keeps information about all currently running processes. it's definitely 
a place that frotz should NEVER write to, hence my assumption that you 
are mis-writing something at some point in your code (writing over a 
non-allocated memory, using a wrapping index on an array, dereferencing 
a non-assigned pointer or so).

The fact that you hit the MCB is quite of a chance, because that's one 
of the rare types of corruptions that DOS will actually detect. If you 
were writing to other places, you might trash completely different 
things (with more or less serious consequences) without DOS ever 
noticing. This doesn't mean that it's the only bug of course, it's 
completely possible that you are breaking many other things in the 
user's system, but the MCB corruption is the only one that DOS catches.


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