On 5/24/2015 5:33 PM, David Griffith wrote:
> It has been a long time since I've used the Turbo C 3.0 IDE and I'm
> stumped on something very basic.  I'm trying to figure out how to get an
> existing project into the IDE.  I've already figured out how to create a
> .PRJ file, but when I go to build the project, the compiler can't find any
> of my header files that are included with quotes around them (as opposed
> to angle brackets for system includes). I've been previously compiling
> this project using a Makefile without the assistance of the IDE, but now
> that I have a bug to track down, I need to use the IDE.  What option am I
> missing that allows the IDE to know where to get include files specified
> with quotes?
Not much info to go by but in general, you need to be aware that there 
is (always has been) a difference if you specify the include file with

#include <foo.h>

or with

#include "foo.h"

The later will look first in the source file path for the include file, 
then in the include path as set in the IDE Options->Directories, while 
the former will look only in the include path and not look in the source 


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