Hello group,

I am playing a bit with a 8086 PC these days, and I noticed an ugly 
difference on it between FreeDOS and MSDOS 3.3:

MSDOS 3.3 keeps the content of last read sectors of the diskette in a 
cache, while FreeDOS does not. This means that FreeDOS is accessing the 
FDD much more often than MSDOS, which makes it overally crawling (and 
frustrating). There is no special configuration on the MSDOS side, only 
a "BUFFERS=17" directive in config.sys. I did reproduce it on FreeDOS, 
but it hasn't improved FDD caching at all.

Question -- is there any way I could install a diskette cache on 
FreeDOS? If not supported by the kernel right away (as seems to be the 
case in MSDOS), maybe some additional (preferably free) tool could help? 
Unfortunately LBACACHE is 386-only, and UIDE requires XMS. What I'd need 
is a small cache of a few KB that sits in conventional memory...


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