Skyler F composed on 2015-05-29 09:43 (UTC-0600):

> I am trying to install freeDOS on my Dell Dimension 8400 with a pentium 4
> processer.

> I first booted in gparted and deleted all partitions so I had a blank slate
> computer.

> I then created the partition within the freedos installation disk and
> installed it.

> After creating the partition, when I proceeded to installation, it gave me
> an error, where I needed to format it.

> After a format, the loading bar installed all of the packages, and it
> seemed to work fine.

> After the post installation, I selected the option 1 for bootloade.

I've not booted the installation disk in a long time, so don't know what
option 1 means.

> I rebooted the computer from the hard drive, and it had a blank screen with
> one word GRUB. I could not press any keys, and had to physically reboot and
> the same thing to showed up on startup.

> What am I doing wrong?

The HD was previously used for Linux, and the deleting and installing you did
didn't affect first disk sector, the "MBR", which contains the startup code
that takes over from BIOS POST. Fixing your problem may be as simple as
booting the installation disk to a command prompt, then running "FDISK /MBR".
Before rebooting, do simply "FDISK", and check that the partition you
installed to is set "active", and if it isn't set it so. It could be that one
of the other bootloader menu options would have done this.

> I am new to DOS (wasn't even born in the DOS age) so thanks for help on
> this basic question.
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