I worked on Svarog86 during past days, and released a new version 
yesterday. It contains the most indispensable tools now (all carefully 
picked to work fine on ancient machines), a custom build of FreeCOM and 
the FreeDOS kernel, both tuned for 8086 and reasonable memory 
consumption, as well as patched support for correct handling of CGA 
cards inside FreeCOM.



On 26/05/2015 21:04, Mateusz Viste wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was looking recently for an easy way to run FreeDOS on my 8086
> (meaning "grab an image from the internet, write it on a diskette and
> boot"), but I noticed there is no such image available.
> There are many bootable diskettes with FreeDOS all over the internet of
> course, but none of them is specifically designed to run on 8086-class
> computers. I tested a few of them, and they either won't boot, or, if it
> boots, a big part of included tools will make the computer crash,
> freeze, or otherwise malfunction.
> This is why I decided to start my own "micro distribution" with FreeDOS,
> targetted specifically to ancient 8086/8088 hardware. It's nothing very
> ambitious really, my goal is to provide a set of boot disks on the most
> common formats, that would:
>    - run on 8086/8088 computers
>    - provide a more or less up-to-date version of FreeDOS and tools
>    - make it possible to install FreeDOS to a hard disk
> The distribution is built in an automated way, so different disk formats
> will always be consistent between each other.
> I named the distribution "Svarog86", and it's available here:
> http://sourceforge.net/p/svarog86
> Current images contain are very, *very* basic for now: only a working
> kernel + command.com and two or three tools. But now that I have a
> working automated build system, I will be able to add tools to it in
> incoming days.
> Mateusz

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