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> Have the same problem with a DELL laptop. Tried a few dozen drivers
> and none worked. They all require Windows be present. Unless you can fool
> it into thinking Windows is there; I think its hopeless. I gave up.

Somebody would have to contact the soundcard vendors and pester them
to release their old drivers in DOS-friendly format. Obviously
requiring Windows just to install is a bad move. Also, being able to
freely redistribute such drivers publicly would also be a nice touch.
Granted, I don't expect any of that will ever happen, but having to
blindly search random third-party websites just makes things even more

I did find one (third-party) site that claimed to have SB Live!
drivers for my old P4 (Dell), but that too required Windows (and no,
HX didn't work). Even the *.CAB weren't accessible to p7zip, so I

Generally speaking, you have to find a "modern" OS (FreeBSD, Linux,
etc) that supports your hardware, and make sure it actually works.
Then and only then can you find some genius to "maybe" port it back to
DOS. At least with sources there is minimal hope. I really don't think
binary driver compatibility with other OSes is feasible at all, but I
could be wrong. (It's been done before but isn't very popular,

What stuff are you trying to run anyways? Games? Audio CD? MP3? WAV?

Although I usually don't do much with sound, thus am horribly unaware
of most stuff, I did test a bunch of things on my old P4. Most of it
didn't work (e.g. Cubic, Judas, WSS, PacePlayer). Almost the only
thing that did work was PC speaker. At least some rare tools (KPC,
MP3PC) support that:


Even Mpxplay didn't work. But Quickview (shareware) surprisingly
worked fine (with its EMU10K1 driver). Then and only then (after
successfully playing a file) did Mpxplay start working. (So it's not
initializing something properly.) I forgot to test DOSSOUND, but its
website doesn't mention my soundcard anyways.

Long story short: there are very few developers that are willing and
active in such a field. You would have to contact them directly (via
email or forum), maybe even donate a few clams!


Other than all of that, don't get your hopes up.

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