> What I need for my Dell is a sound blaster pro driver that works on
> an ESS chip without windows being there. Windows turns the chip on 
> somehow. The programs are for DOS running under windows. None of the
> drivers are for dos alone, even if they claim to be. Add windows to
> the background and they work but who wants that.

There are many different ESS chips, so more information is needed:




What would also help is a tool to detect I/O base, IRQ and DMA details
without hanging. No matter which card you have, often one or several
of those aspects go wrong. In particular with PCI cards trying to be
compatible to ISA SoundBlaster standards of any type, failing DMA and
mis-routed IRQ signals are a common source of havoc. In some cases, it
even is a hardware problem (a new mainboard cannot make PCI stuff look
sufficiently ISA compatible any more). With SB Live, SB PCI and the ESS
Ensoniq Audio PCI, the SoundBlaster compatibility even is a completely
fake driver generated virtual hardware experience in the first place.

Regards, Eric

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