I'm still working on trying to get audio CD's playing with this sound 
card, a Media Vision Pro Sonic 16 (Jazz16 chipset).  (The 
earlier-reported other problems have now all been solved.  I have sound 
in DOOM and in mpxplayer.)

It occurred to me that this might be a cabling issue.  The card has a 
3-pin audio CD connector instead of the usual 4-pin.  But since standard 
4-wire cables normally join the two ground wires and connect them to a 
single pin so that only 3 pins are used, I thought I could make this 
work easily by just moving a wire in the plug module.

But I have now tried connecting the wires to the sound card in every 
combination (I think), and the two CD players I have been testing with 
continue to fail in the same way.  CD-V complains "Invalid media!" and 
won't even start.  ACP starts, reads and displays all the track 
information, and acts as if it is playing something, but I get no sound.

In case it adds anything, this sound card was often packaged with a 
Philips 206 CD-ROM drive.

I have not found a pinout for the audio CD connection on either the 
sound card or the CD-ROM drive.

My latest thought, however: Does FreeDOS and/or a certain CD player 
support sending the sound digitally to the sound card over the ribbon 
cable and the PC bus, the way modern Windows does it?  In this case I 
can dispense with the cable.  (I tried just disconnecting the cable and 
my two current CD players behaved just as before.)

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