My printer is an old PCL 6 command language printer.
Just send it a simple PCL string and it will do anything
I want. New win printers have all their smarts removed
and placed in a windows file. Windows now does
what the inner works of the printer use to do. It
forces you to use windows.


On Thu, 04 Jun 2015 07:20:45 +0000 "Thomas Mueller" <>
> Excerpt from Eric Auer:
> > High Definition Audio controllers are currently not supported.
> > By the way:
> > >     I think it works like these stupid win printers; it waits 
> for
> > >     windows to start it up. After all dos is dead isn't it - ha.
> > >     I will have to search for this dossound. It might be the 
> answer.
> > That is not the only problem. Winmodems and Win GDI printers etc.
> > often do not support "normal" command languages. Instead, there
> > is only a proprietary interface to some low level device. In the
> > Winmodem case, this is often a simple "soundcard". All the smart
> > things to turn data into tones and back have to be done by some
> > Windows (or Linux) driver, so just starting Windows is not enough
> > to "activate" the modem for DOS. For printers, your mileage may
> > vary - they may at least support plain text but that might indeed
> > depend on some Windows driver "activating" the printer at boot.
> What I have is Intel Hogh Definition Audio: works with FreeBSD and 
> NetBSD current versions, but I haven't tried with FreeDOS.
> I've been unable to get my printer, HP LaserJet Professional 1212nf 
> MFP working.
> Now I think it might be nonstandard implementation of PostScript or 
> whatever command language.
> Why would HP have hplip when other printer manufacturers have no 
> such thing?
> But can a laser or inkjet printer with standard interface work in 
> FreeDOS?
> Considering that I can't boot FreeDOS with EMM386 or anything of 
> that kind, I'm very reluctant to try anything too complicated with 
> FreeDOS: leave that to FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux or Haiku.
> Tom
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