I correct myself.  I was using ide-cd.sys on another machine I was 
working with a couple weeks ago.  On this machine I have been using the 
default uide.sys.

But pursuing the driver-as-a-suspect angle anyway, I found a Lite-on DOS 
driver and installed that.  CD playing now works. Thank you for the 
idea, Eric!!

If there is a sad note, it is that uide.sys has fallen short on two 
machines in a row.  On the other one, I had no CD function at all.  In 
this one, I had data CD function, but no audio CD.

On 6/4/2015 2:06 PM, John Hupp wrote:
> Thanks for the clarifications.  I could add though, that I tried 
> "CDROM2 PLAY01 F:" and it responded with something like "F: is not an 
> audio drive, but < F: > is."
> The CD-ROM cable is known working (confirmed via Win 98), and I turned 
> up the CD volume in the sound card mixer.
> But it may be that the drive lacks the built-in audio playing function 
> that your program requires.  It has a headphone jack and volume dial, 
> but no Play/Stop/Next/Previous controls like older drives did.  (It's 
> a 48x CD-ROM, a Lite-on LTN-485S manufactured in 2000.)
> I hadn't thought about the CD driver as a suspect.  A couple weeks ago 
> I had a thread named "For CD: Error reading from drive D: data area: 
> drive not ready" in which I detailed my struggles with getting a 
> working configuration.  I'm currently using a driver named 
> ide-cd.sys.  I don't know where it came from originally, but I used it 
> successfully on a machine a few years ago.
> Your "alternative way" is also referred to as digital audio 
> extraction?  I understood from Mateusz Viste that mpxplay will do 
> that, though I don't know how and haven't pursued that.  I think it 
> may require a plugin (CDW).  He also said it would draw more heavily 
> on the CPU -- and this machine only has a Pentium 150.
> On 6/4/2015 1:13 PM, Eric Auer wrote:
>> Hi!
>>> With cdrom2ui, I ran these two commands:
>>>> CDROM2 PLAY01 < F: >
>>>> CDROM PLAY01 < F: >
>>> In both cases it responded "Error reading from drive F: data area:
>>> drive not ready."
>> Only the larger CDROM2 tool supports audio commands
>> and you have to omit the < >, so the proper command
>> would be: "CDROM2 PLAY01 F:" However, this only tells
>> the drive to use the built-in audio playing function
>> which modern drives might lack. The sound gets output
>> to the headphone jack of your CD drive (if it has the
>> connector) and the output for 3- or 4-pin cables to
>> your soundcard or mainboard (if it has that). If you
>> use the latter output, you also have to have a cable
>> connected and the volume control on your soundcard
>> properly set. Last but not least, not all drivers of
>> CD/DVD/BluRay drives might support audio commands.
>> The alternative way is to read out the raw audio data
>> and then either store that as WAV, convert it to OGG
>> or MP3, or play it directly. I think this is now the
>> more common way of accessing audio on CD via a PC :-)
>> Regards, Eric

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