Just a few more tidbits:

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 4:51 PM, Rugxulo <rugx...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I did test a bunch of things on my old P4. Most of it didn't work.

I've forgotten most of the programs I stumbled upon back in the day.
Even then, I didn't use them enough to claim to be intimately familiar
with them.

One such app (I think?) was Damp (WIP), an old DJGPP-based .MP3
player, but even that doesn't work on my P4. Of course, that's no
surprise since it's apparently Allegro-based.

Oops, I take it back, even he admits (2001) in his README.TXT to
preferably use SB16 or "download the Linux driver source code ... and
write a full Live! driver for Allegro" (which of course no one did,

Allegro doesn't support DOS anymore, so the last version we have is
4.2.2 circa 2007 (on DJGPP mirrors: /v2tk/allegro).

> Almost the only thing that did work was PC speaker. At least some rare tools 
> support that:

Impulse Tracker does (optionally) work with PC speaker output, so it
works. (But it's hard to hear with the a/c running. Yeah, gotta get
rid of the smell of burnt noodles, doh! I can't cook, sigh.)

Another program that I forgot about is RealMIDI, which FreeDOS mirrors for us:


While it doesn't work with all .MID files (sadly, my favorite
MAPLELEF.MID that I found years ago), it does (optionally) have a .WAV
writer, so you can later use the (included!) PLAY.EXE to play .WAV
through PC speaker as well.

The simplistic (single-tone) MIDIPLAY works with MAPLELEF.MID, but it
assumes that the highest note is always the main melody, which isn't
always true.

Cubic Player may have a .WAV writer too, I can't remember.

Oh, and let's not forget Trixter's Monotone (PC speaker) tracker.   ;-)

Obviously it's better to have proper sound support, but (as cheesy as
it sounds) I still think PC speaker is better than nothing.

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