> On 6/8/2015 7:27 AM, Dale E Sterner wrote:
>> For printers its usually easy to find the control commands but
>> for cd units I've never seen them made available to the public.
>> Is there a command list published anywhere for cds.
> Yes, it's called ATAPI and there exist a lot of different documents for
> the different classes of ATAPI devices. The only non-ATAPI CD-ROM drives
> that I am aware of are/were those of some early Creative 
> soundcard/CD-ROM drive combos. Those used their own subset of ATAPI 
> commands, hence a more standard CD-ROM driver won't work, as well had 
> their own digital audio connector that made those CD-ROM drives only 
> work with their bundled sound cards and vice versa...

> The catch with the documentation however is that this is stuff that you
> have to buy from t13.org, the committee that defined those standards...

googling 'ATAPI specification' turned up www.bswd.com/sff8020i.pdf at
position 2.

there are MANY other links containing the ATAPI spec.

even you old time DOS guys should start to use a search engine instead
of asking such (easy answered) questions on mailing lists.


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