Hi, I'm temporarily hijacking this thread for FDNPKG's agenda :)

On 11/06/2015 22:55, Rugxulo wrote:
> FDNPKG is a great idea, but we need more package(r)s. Well, I did try
> to install something from there yesterday (under QEMU to RAM disk),
> but it seemed to expect "c:\games" hardcoded. (Maybe I'm wrong?) Meh.

I assume you were installing a game, right? Then indeed, games are 
supposed to be installed in whatever your "game" directory is. This 
location is configurable in FDNPKG.CFG - the default value for GAMES 
being C:\GAMES.

What worries me, is that you imply the process hasn't worked for you - 
am I right? Even if you do not have a C:\GAMES directory, FDNPKG should 
create it on the fly. Haven't it happened? Could you please provide some 
light on this? If there is a trouble with FDNPKG, I'd love to know more 
about it so I can fix it.

 > It doesn't rely on FDNPKG at all. Granted, I like FDNPKG, but you have
 > to package things a very specific way first, and that's very tedious.

That's, I think, the cost of automation. But I don't totally agree on 
this process being "very specific". Yes, there are some minimum rules to 
follow, but it's a strict necessity if FDNPKG have to be reliable and 
deterministic in what it do.

Example for creating a game package, let's call it "weewee".
Create following directories:

Put a LSM file describing the game (version, license.. usual stuff) into 
\APPINFO, then all games files to \GAMES\WEEWEE\ and all source files 
(if any) to \SOURCE\WEEWEE\. Zip up the entire thing, and that's all - 
your package is ready for deployment.


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