Hello all,

Today I released a new version of my snake (nibbles-like) game: Zmiy 

Zmiy v0.85.2 [13 Jun 2015]:
  - added new levels (16 levels total now),
  - support for CGA cards, using hardware scrolling,
  - implemented a monochrome display scheme (/mono),
  - replaced BIOS-controlled video operations by direct memory drawing 
  - various speed optimizations as to make the game playable on a real 
8086 PC,
  - restoring the original video mode when returning to the DOS,
  - removed the '/timer=delay' method, since it was never useful anyway,
  - improved timing code (PIT programming), so the game is much smoother 
  - dropped Turbo C in favor of Open Watcom for better interrupt handling,
  - relicensed from GNU GPL to the "2-clause" BSD license.

Download available on Zmiy's homepage: http://zmiy.sourceforge.net

or, direct link here:


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