Mateusz and Eric, my Thanks for your comments, which I respect.   But I
will not accept undeserved attacks on me and my work.   So, my decision
stands, that XIDE and other software from me will now be closed-source.

Re: the REST of what was posted on FD-User today, Sunday 14-Jun-2015:

* I know it's ironic that I spent so many hours trying to help him get
* back on the list ...

MY decision and MY RESPONSIBILITY that I feel SourceForge made a MISTAKE
in their "overnight" Internet certificate changes.   Who is Rugxulo that
I "MUST LISTEN" to his ideas!   I had to tell him TWICE to "STOP sending
me any more E-Mails"!   So he took what was essentially a PRIVATE matter
onto a PUBLIC forum, in his 17-Mar-2015 BTTR post.

In any case, as one can see from my posting on FD-User again, it was not
necessary to upgrade.   I could have ignored all by Rugxulo or "Zangune"
(SourceForge), merely used my "intuition", and I would have been able to
post here again MUCH sooner!

* I can't even officially mirror anything closed source.   This is a
* "Free"DOS mailing list hosted by "Source"Forge, or have you forgotten?

I have not forgotten, and in fact I never asked you to mirror any of
my drivers.   After all of this, I would be absolutely delighted, if
FreeDOS, IBiblio or whoever DID delete every one of my driver files!

* You explicitly told me NOT to mirror your drivers because, unless
* you could directly announce them on freedos-user, that you'd be "done
* with FreeDOS".

Correct, since their are always technical details re: my drivers that
only I can explain.   Without being able to post on FD-User, I cannot
give such explanations, and that says I would be "done with FreeDOS"!

* I (indirectly) was asking rr to either reinstate you or explain
* why not (though he never did).

The above is the first I ever heard of that!   Robert Riebisch of BTTR
did write me that he had begun work at a new job and is very busy.   I
was unable to read an "attachment" he sent, in his inquiry re: getting
me back on BTTR, and I have not heard from him since, just like others
to whom he has not replied.   From my 35 years in software, I am aware
of just how demanding and "mercenary" such jobs can be.

* I (indirectly) was trying to get mvojvodic to test your "newer"
* drivers and report back because they didn't work for me (refused to
* boot on Lenovo 2011 ...

The above is the first I ever heard of that, as well!   Although I was
tired of Rugxulo's never-ending "upgrade-Upgrade-UPGRADE" E-Mails, did
he really believe I would not have listened to a SERIOUS "bug" comment
about a PC-compatible system?   I surely WOULD have!

* (08-Dec-2014) Jim Hall: "I see Jack has got you involved on this too.
* He's becoming very abusive (again) and I find that tiring.   I'm not
* going to put up with it."

ABSOLUTELY the first I ever heard of THAT!   Then why did Jim Hall not
write to ME in December, nor answer at-all the E-Mail which I sent him
last Monday, 8-Jun-2015?   His total lack of response this week is why
I chose to make yesterday's FD-User post, so users WOULD know what was
going on.

* Jack, you didn't want to spend any money to upgrade ...

Absolutely NOT Rugxulo's BUSINESS, whether or not I upgrade!   Who is
HE that I "MUST listen" to his ideas, and what if his ideas proved to
be flatly UNNECESSARY, as I noted above!

** My drivers ALWAYS work, as they are always CHECKED by Johnson Lam or
** by "Khusraw" (both, if their time allows) before Johnson posts them!
* Two whole testers?   Out of 8 billion people?   Wow, I'll bet even
* Microsoft is jealous.

They positively SHOULD be!!   Lucho told me in 2008, when I asked how
UIDE compared in speed to his Windows, "You beat THEM, 2 months ago"!
That was long before any of XIDE's upgrades; and XIDE is still only a
5K run-time driver using NO interrupts and providing up to 4-Gigabyte
caches!   Gazillion-byte drivers in "C" were never-Never NECESSARY!!

I shall continue to rely on Johnson's 11 years and "Khusraw"s 8 years
of test results.   They value and comment about my drivers.    Others
on BTTR and FD-User almost NEVER say anything.

* Jack ... I hope Jim Hall removes every ounce of work you've ever
* done for FreeDOS.   I hope he deletes it all from "BASE", iBiblio
* mirror, and everything else ...

So do I.   My drivers were not designed solely for FreeDOS but for
any DOS system.   The fact that they DID end up on IBiblio was not
my doing nor really my desire.   Jim Hall is absolutely free to be
rid of every one of my driver files from 2004, any time he wishes!

But I know he will NOT do it, for the same reasons as before:  Jim
is DESPERATE not to lose software that WORKS!   Can anyone imagine
how much SLOWER FreeDOS would be, without UIDE?

If you want to SEE how much slower, try having FreeDOS copy a full
CD to one disk file with XCOPY, in "protected mode" using JEMM386,
both with and without my drivers.   You should note about a 4 to 1
speed difference in favor of using UIDE, or around 10 to 1 if your
BIOS cannot permit disk UltraDMA when in protected-mode!

And if you REALLY want better times, try the same copy using V6.22
or V7.10 MS-DOS, in real- OR in protected-mode.   Should run about
3 times faster again!

I HAVE done all of that, which is quite a LARGE reason why I still
use V6.22 MS-DOS!

So, if Rugxulo and Hall want my drivers deleted from IBiblio, they
are welcome to do so, with my absolute approval, "BEST wishes, and
LOTS of luck"!!

In any case, Rugxulo shall now have his wish:


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