Let me, once again, ask that someone directly ban him once and for
all. He's not being helpful anymore, not even a little.

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 7:47 PM, Jack <gykazequ...@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Mateusz and Eric, my Thanks for your comments, which I respect.

Are you kidding me?? You absolutely have no respect for anyone else,
certainly not Eric Auer (nor any other so-called foreigner, all of
whom you directly and personally have despised, over and over again in
private email to me, without cause).

Did you not directly insult me (an American, as you well know) several
times, using various countries as flamebait? That's how you roll, you
think it's funny to degrade other people. You are absolutely arrogant,
and you cannot pretend here to be friendly. I'm serious, this is pure
hypocrisy. Literally, I could quote you a hundred times (but I won't,
unless forced, it's disgusting).

> But I will not accept undeserved attacks on me and my work.   So, my decision
> stands, that XIDE and other software from me will now be closed-source.

I'm sorry, "undeserved" attacks? You mean like your unprovoked May
16th private email, which you (unwisely) also cc'd to your two
testers?? Even without me sharing it with literally anyone, you
already have two witnesses against you! And, funnily enough, both of
them are foreigners, whom you so despise! I'm surprised they put up
with it. Literally, I'm surprised they didn't rebuke you.

But when I flat out ignored that horrible rant, you still weren't
happy. I mean, why even waste our time telling us about your closed
sources? FreeDOS doesn't want it. SourceForge doesn't want it. Oh, you
think I insulted you, and you want revenge!

"I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore"

That was literally it! That's the insult. That's the whole problem!
And that is why you're now closed source?? Really??? You expect
literally a single person on Earth to believe that??

I'm stuck here on freedos-user trying to help people who are
effectively abandoned because of your (irrational, imaginary) grudge.
They see UIDE and XMGR in "BASE" and think it's well supported. They
don't know that we're so starved for volunteers that we have to deal
with a crazy developer who hates literally everyone!

"Undeserved attacks" ... ridiculous. I don't think I've ever heard
someone say, "What a nice guy!" They never will, you're too acerbic.
You make enemies every single day.

> Re: the REST of what was posted on FD-User today, Sunday 14-Jun-2015:
> * I know it's ironic that I spent so many hours trying to help him get
> * back on the list ...
> MY decision and MY RESPONSIBILITY that I feel SourceForge made a MISTAKE
> in their "overnight" Internet certificate changes.

That's great, but I already told you explicitly that we don't work for
SF.net! So how are Jim and I supposed to help you? You directly
emailed us asking for help. How did you actually expect us to do that?
I could only give you workarounds, but you made (false) excuses about
"still on dialup" or "only have Athlon [PIII]" or "don't want to
reinstall my OS" or "don't want to pay any money". Even when I
surpassed all of those obstacles, you STILL didn't want to try
literally ANY of the solutions! Even the easy and free ones!

> Who is Rugxulo that I "MUST LISTEN" to his ideas!

Then why did you get me involved? Why did you directly email me about
this particular problem in the first place? I thought you actually
wanted help. But no, you didn't, and it's totally beyond ridiculous.

> I had to tell him TWICE to "STOP sending me any more E-Mails"!

And at least twice you have (since then) emailed me directly ... about
your drivers! Even though I never responded, and yet you're still
harping about it! And you're still here, on freedos-user, talking
about your (now closed) drivers! Because you don't want to go away.
You don't want to give up. You just want to harass people. You're

> So he took what was essentially a PRIVATE matter onto a PUBLIC forum, in his 
> 17-Mar-2015 BTTR post.

I'm sorry, is that permission to forward all of your previous emails?
Not that I probably need it. I'm pretty sure it's allowed. Should I
share what you've said about various people? Isn't it obvious that
you've been, shall we say, less than kind?

"I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore"

Yeah, that's totally private. How rude of me. God forbid that I
actually tell someone else to further test your drivers for us. I
mean, after all, pointing to a direct download URL is clearly
trolling. Only a "FOOL" would refuse to see that as "worst betrayal".

> In any case, as one can see from my posting on FD-User again, it was not
> necessary to upgrade.   I could have ignored all by Rugxulo or "Zangune"
> (SourceForge), merely used my "intuition", and I would have been able to
> post here again MUCH sooner!

What the hell does that even mean? Could you be any more vague? You're
literally using a dead OS, deader than XP! It's not even in the same
league. You're not even using "latest" Opera (freeware) for NT 4! You
refuse to "upgrade" a free web browser! So how is it, after months of
being unable to (re)subscribe that you're NOW able to do that which
started this whole problem? A problem that your incompetence forced
upon us and wasted our time (and still does)?

And once again, I ask that someone please directly ban him. I don't
care whose fault the SF.net "bug" was, if anybody, but if the fix is
to reinstate this kind of behavior, no thank you! Let him "give up"
like he already promised!

> * I can't even officially mirror anything closed source.   This is a
> * "Free"DOS mailing list hosted by "Source"Forge, or have you forgotten?
> I have not forgotten,

Then why are you here?? Closed source is off-topic to FreeDOS.
Personal attacks are also off-topic (and against the mailing list
rules). Why are you still here???

> and in fact I never asked you to mirror any of my drivers.

The hell you didn't! I have direct emails of you (over the years)
constantly asking me to both announce (for FD News and BTTR) as well
as mirror to iBiblio. You even said, and I quote, (12-Mar-2015) [sic]:

I noted last week that the 5-Mar-2015 DRIVERS.ZIP file has
'magically appeared' on FreeDOS IBiblio, with no forum nor
front-page announcement.

It is now 3 upgrades 'obsolete'. UltraDMA disk output is
now much faster (ALL output is started before caching work
begins!), and UIDE now includes most UHDD speed upgrades.

'Without other comments!', if my drivers are still desired
for use with FreeDOS, the higher speed 18-Mar-2015 drivers
should also 'magically appear' on IBiblio.

(And this was after YOU told ME to stop emailing you! After you
explicitly said you were "giving up" and "made a choice". After you
REFUSED to let me announce or mirror anything for you because you ONLY
wanted to directly announce on freedos-user yourself. I only
reluctantly mirrored your [alleged] final "Mar-05" drivers because Jim
directly asked, that's it!)

> After all of this, I would be absolutely delighted, if
> FreeDOS, IBiblio or whoever DID delete every one of my driver files!

Of course. God forbid your drivers actually help anyone. You don't
want to help anyone, only to stir up more trouble. You like causing
dissension, don't you? Why else would you pull these ego trips on
innocent users?

> * You explicitly told me NOT to mirror your drivers because, unless
> * you could directly announce them on freedos-user, that you'd be "done
> * with FreeDOS".
> Correct, since their are always technical details re: my drivers that
> only I can explain.

What the hell is the difference if I forward an email directly
(verbatim)? I directly offered, several times, but you (nowadays)
refused that as well. (Even though that's exactly what I'd done, at
your direct request, in years past, both for FD News and BTTR.)

> Without being able to post on FD-User, I cannot
> give such explanations, and that says I would be "done with FreeDOS"!

Absolutely ridiculous! SF.net is something completely out of my
control, and I'm 99% sure that Jim Hall also cannot "fix their bug"
for them. So for you to punish FreeDOS for an imaginary offense is
beyond ridiculous, especially after we spent many hours helping you.

> * I (indirectly) was asking rr to either reinstate you or explain
> * why not (though he never did).
> The above is the first I ever heard of that!

What, can't you read? Can't you understand English?

"IIRC, he also tried to email rr about reinstating his own account
here, but that never happened. (rr too busy? Disillusioned?)"

What do you think a question mark is for? Isn't it meant for somebody
to actually, you know, answer the question?? Especially if he is the
moderator of the actual forum we're discussing! I have absolutely no
idea what goes through rr's head, he is not in constant contact with
me. (Although I wish he was! I'll trade you for him any day!)

> Robert Riebisch of BTTR did write me that he had begun work at a new job
> and is very busy. I was unable to read an "attachment" he sent, in his inquiry
> re: getting me back on BTTR, and I have not heard from him since, just like
> others to whom he has not replied.   From my 35 years in software, I am aware
> of just how demanding and "mercenary" such jobs can be.

That's more than I ever got from him. Though I never tried to email
him, didn't need to. All I knew, in years past, was that he was busy
with his little baby boy.

But, and I think I can say this, even without knowing jack squat about
Robert Riebisch (BTW, nice guy), he will have no patience for you.
Maybe I'm wrong, but after all the things you've said and done, I
would expect him to be more than a little unsympathetic. You are not a
nice person, especially not to foreigners. (Heck, even your friends
you hate! What good are you??)

> * I (indirectly) was trying to get mvojvodic to test your "newer"
> * drivers and report back because they didn't work for me (refused to
> * boot on Lenovo 2011 ...
> The above is the first I ever heard of that, as well!

Can't you read? Why the hell else would I point someone else to a
(new, different) version of your drivers??

"If you want to try his latest drivers (Mar-18) [sic], grab them from
his DropBox"

What the hell did you think I was doing. Oh, that's right, it's all
part of my "master plan" to insult you.

"I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore"

(Worst betrayal indeed.)

> Although I was tired of Rugxulo's never-ending "upgrade-Upgrade-UPGRADE" 
> E-Mails,

Is it really forcing you to painfully "upgrade upgrade upgrade" when:

* you don't have to spend a single penny
* you don't have to upgrade or change your OS (or reinstall or do
anything heavy-duty)
* the workaround actually, you know, fixes the problem!!

Have I not said this enough? You, literally, and I'm not exaggerating,
refused to even PRETEND to entertain the thought (!) of trying any
workarounds. That I never understood. I assumed you actually wanted
to, you know, fix the problem! But you did not. You were "proud to be
stubborn", even if all it did was keep you locked out! You liked being
the (alleged) victim because it gave you a channel for all your rage,
so you could (once again) pretend that everyone else was incompetent,
out to get you, etc.

> did he really believe I would not have listened to a SERIOUS "bug" comment
> about a PC-compatible system?   I surely WOULD have!

"Stop sending me emails", "I'm giving up on FleaDOS", "I made a
choice!", "without other comments", etc. etc.

Certainly you never asked me the symptoms of why it didn't work
anymore. You didn't even try to find out the cause, you just assumed
the worst. You just immediately, without proof, closed sources and
directly insulted me (many times) in private email. All because of one
sentence. Let me quote it (yet again!):

"I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore"

How else would you describe it "not working"?? Maybe I should've
explicitly said, "These don't boot for me anymore on my Lenovo 2011
machine, unlike 'Mar-05'. Can someone please further test these?"

Instead, I said ("worst betrayal"!):  "I'm not sure if [the drivers]
work at all anymore" [link to dropbox URL]

"I shall NOT offer any more source files, after Rugxulo's very
UNFRIENDLY post about me and my work on BTTR, for which he had NO
excuse and should be condemned!"

It's funny that you can't see your own filth. Your own words,
especially May 16 private email, were 1000x worse than anything I ever
said. And you literally had no excuse. And you should've been rebuked
long ago (especially by your testers). Unfortunately, you took silence
as a sign that everything you've done is justified. It is not. You
have failed us all. Again.

> * (08-Dec-2014) Jim Hall: "I see Jack has got you involved on this too.
> * He's becoming very abusive (again) and I find that tiring.   I'm not
> * going to put up with it."
> ABSOLUTELY the first I ever heard of THAT!

Seriously? I'm surprised you have any friends left! And you've
certainly pissed on many of them (to me) via private email. Not as bad
as your recent tirade against me, mind you, but still bad enough for
me to say, "Eh? What did they ever do? I don't think they did
anything." (But you never did listen to reason. There can be no
convincing the mighty Jack that he is ever wrong. Nope, only every
single other person on Earth is wrong and deserving of all the insults
in the book, never immaculate Jack!.)

> Then why did Jim Hall not write to ME in December, nor answer at-all the 
> E-Mail which I sent him
> last Monday, 8-Jun-2015?

He knew I was already wasting tons of time trying to help you. So
maybe he didn't think he needed to do it. (Plus the already explicitly
mentioned fact that neither of us works for SF.net and can't "fix
their bug"!!) He created a bug tracker on SF.net for you, as you well
know, and I was relaying info back and forth between you and them (to
no avail).

As for him responding to your more recent emails, why would he?? You
explicitly said you were "giving up", several times! And yet you can't
stay away! You just want to punish us, but we didn't actually do
anything! Does HE likes dealing with FOOLS (i.e. you)? I doubt it!
Also, I can 100% guarantee you that he has NO interest in your closed
source anything!

> His total lack of response this week is why I chose to make yesterday's
> FD-User post, so users WOULD know what was going on.

Once again, did you ever give him the benefit of the doubt? Did you
ever ask anyone else who is in close contact with him?? Not that I
really qualify, we live in different states (and don't know each
other, don't work together, etc.), but at least I've emailed him

Jim Hall is ultra busy. He's way overcommitted at work and elsewhere.
He has almost no free time, and he certainly can't be playing stupid
head games with stupid head cases on a stupid mailing list! (Read his


Are you seriously implying that you felt some kind of responsibility
to your users?? Give me a break. You locked them out! Again! You
absolutely don't care about them. You call them "cretins" (e.g. BTTR)
because they don't acknowledge or test (or praise) your drivers
frequently enough.

No, I didn't feel the absolute urge to constantly say (to users here),
"Jack went crazy, closed source, and 100% directly blames me for
saying 'I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore'. All
because SF.net wanted better web browser certificate security, yet he
refuses to help himself in even the littlest of ways." It's too stupid
(and tedious and off-topic).

Honestly, I felt (and still feel) that if you actually wanted to help
someone, you would do it! Even if it meant via private email. But you
do not (and will not) because you never cared about users. All you
care about is yourself (and your ego and the power/guilt trips you can
lay upon other people, preferably the weak and innocent who are naive
enough to help you or use your buggy drivers).

> * Jack, you didn't want to spend any money to upgrade ...
> Absolutely NOT Rugxulo's BUSINESS, whether or not I upgrade!   Who is
> HE that I "MUST listen" to his ideas, and what if his ideas proved to
> be flatly UNNECESSARY, as I noted above!

The hell they were unnecessary! You still were telling me, even as
recently as "05-Mar-2015", that you were still unable to resubscribe.
(That's roughly several months, off and on, of wasting time on you for
this one particular problem alone.) How many times can I explain this?
I went over every aspect of your "problem" and found many solutions,
but you refused every single one. Not even once did you pretend to
care to try any of them, even the ones that absolutely didn't involve
money or reinstalling or anything difficult. For God's sake, you
called us "Microsoft/Intel shills", even though we gave you free

> ** My drivers ALWAYS work, as they are always CHECKED by Johnson Lam or
> ** by "Khusraw" (both, if their time allows) before Johnson posts them!
> *
> * Two whole testers?   Out of 8 billion people?   Wow, I'll bet even
> * Microsoft is jealous.
> They positively SHOULD be!!   Lucho told me in 2008, when I asked how
> UIDE compared in speed to his Windows, "You beat THEM, 2 months ago"!

Oh, the same Lucho (nice guy, actually) whom you recently compared me
to (in private email), berating me, telling me I should move to
Bulgaria, since I'd fit right in there, right??

"I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore"

(16-May-2015) Jack Ellis: "My drivers are NEVER released until they
are tested by either 'Khusraw' or by Johnson Lam (both, if their job
schedules permit)! For you to say any thing else, and especially for
you to take YOUR OWN 'miffed' feelings onto a public forum, ranks
among the WORST betrayals I ever suffered! Perhaps you should move to
Bulgaria, where my 'good friend' Lucho resides." (among many other,
much worse, insults)

But you falsely pretend here to not care about that (yet another
incessant) grudge, you only quote him here to make yourself look good!
It doesn't matter that you (unfairly) consider him a horrible human
being. It only matters that he once praised your drivers (the FOOL!).

> That was long before any of XIDE's upgrades; and XIDE is still only a
> 5K run-time driver using NO interrupts and providing up to 4-Gigabyte
> caches!   Gazillion-byte drivers in "C" were never-Never NECESSARY!!

Pure garbage. I still can't believe we're discussing an "imaginary"
grudge about (now) closed source drivers on freedos-user (which you
claimed to not be able to resubscribe to, and which I spent literally
dozens of hours trying to help you get back on).

Nobody wants your closed stuff, and nobody wants your head games either!

BTW, FreeDOS (formerly "DOS-C" kernel) is written in C. Your drivers
would be nothing without an OS. So C is your master, whether you
acknowledge it or not. Pointless nitpicking, but it had to be said
(since you are so ungodly proud of yourself at everyone else's

"Never necessary" ... oh, did I forget to mention (although I already
told you in private)? SourceForge is a free (albeit ad-ridden)
website. You are paying them literally no money, yet they provide you
with a service. I don't think it's correct to assume they owe you
anything. Granted, I don't even have upload rights (nor most others)
for the FreeDOS SF.net section, never needed it! But since Jim Hall
long ago put your drivers in "BASE", it's a very integral part of the
distro  ... but we can certainly do without!! (Maybe you should start
your own website: "https://xide.closed-source.trashcan.net";, you'd
make a killing, I'm sure!).

> I shall continue to rely on Johnson's 11 years and "Khusraw"s 8 years
> of test results.   They value and comment about my drivers.    Others
> on BTTR and FD-User almost NEVER say anything.

Yeah, that's why you (semi-)privately called them (BTTR) "F***ing
cretins!", because they wouldn't test fast enough for you. (Always
gotta cc your own two testers, though, even while acknowledging
[paraphrased] "sorry about my words, but there are no better ones!",
which is ridiculous in its own right.)

But you should've known better than to always assume the worst. Dare I
repeat it again??

"I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore"

> * Jack ... I hope Jim Hall removes every ounce of work you've ever
> * done for FreeDOS.   I hope he deletes it all from "BASE", iBiblio
> * mirror, and everything else ...
> So do I.   My drivers were not designed solely for FreeDOS

Are you kidding? Even after the 2007-9 fiasco, where you made your
drivers literally not even run on FreeDOS anymore, you still waste our
time? And then I come to find out that you brag (even to me!) that you
don't even use "FleaDOS"?? Why are you even here then??

> but for any DOS system.   The fact that they DID end up on IBiblio was not
> my doing nor really my desire.   Jim Hall is absolutely free to be
> rid of every one of my driver files from 2004, any time he wishes!

Again, you many many times directly emailed me, asking me to mirror
your drivers to iBiblio for you. It's totally bogus for you to pretend
otherwise. Maybe initially you weren't interested, but you absolutely
were supportive (and very insistent!) in recent years. Do you want me
to go back (in my email archives) and literally count the number of
times you directly and independently asked for my help, without me
having contacted you first?

> But I know he will NOT do it, for the same reasons as before:  Jim
> is DESPERATE not to lose software that WORKS!   Can anyone imagine
> how much SLOWER FreeDOS would be, without UIDE?

Nobody's that "desperate". Nobody wants this kind of irrational
behavior. "Better dead than smeg" (as the saying goes).

So "how much slower"? Not much. We've already had various similar
pieces from Eric Auer (who is clearly NOT your favorite person, on
many accounts, for which you still hold him personally guilty):
LBACACHE/TICKLE, CDRCACHE, etc. Not to mention various other
replacements from other people that were never unique at all (e.g. RAM
drivers, XMS drivers).

I really don't want to inflame your ego nor raise your jealousy, so do
NOT take it out on him (again)! But, to be completely honest, Eric
Auer did 10x more for FreeDOS than you ever did. (You should kiss his
ring and bow before him, that's how much better he is than you!! Who
am I kidding, I know that directly offends you, even though it should

> If you want to SEE how much slower, try having FreeDOS copy a full
> CD to one disk file with XCOPY, in "protected mode" using JEMM386,

It would actually have to boot correctly on my machine!! Or have you forgotten??

"I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore"

Actually, I just stick to oldy-moldy "Mar-05", lacking a better
alternative. But I can certainly do without that one as well. I am
"proud" to do without your GARBAGE if it means you will go away and
never come back!

"Wah, mommy, my computer's too slow." "How fast is it?" "3.2 Ghz."
"GROW UP!" (See? I can be snarky too. You're rubbing off on me. Ugh, I
need a shower.)

> both with and without my drivers.   You should note about a 4 to 1
> speed difference in favor of using UIDE, or around 10 to 1 if your
> BIOS cannot permit disk UltraDMA when in protected-mode!

Just go away already! You've already professed to do that many times.
Just do it! Keep your word!

> And if you REALLY want better times, try the same copy using V6.22
> or V7.10 MS-DOS, in real- OR in protected-mode.   Should run about
> 3 times faster again!

Sure, where do I download it? Oh, but you can still buy it, right?
(Barely via MSDN.) But it's still widely available, right? (Barely,
only minimally, no install, via DISKCOPY.DLL via Explorer "make system
boot disk" or whatever.) I'm sure they won't mind me redistributing it
(cease and desist). But surely copyright expires after so many
decades, right? (Nope! 70 years after owner's death. Hey, aren't you
going to be 70 in August?)

Why don't you go and offer your wonderful drivers to them, and see
what they say. Or similar DOS clone. I'm sure many of them (PC-DOS,
ROM-DOS, PTS-DOS, DR-DOS) would love to help you. Go ahead. I'll wait!

> I HAVE done all of that, which is quite a LARGE reason why I still
> use V6.22 MS-DOS!

Which died in 1994. Great. Keep using it. I'm sure it's totally
reasonable to target an ancient, proprietary, non-free DOS variant.
One that you can't (easily) patch or improve. I'm sure that's much
better than actively helping what few developers are left on a
free/libre compatible one. Yep, totally wise. Totally the best way to
help the widest audience.

> So, if Rugxulo and Hall want my drivers deleted from IBiblio, they
> are welcome to do so, with my absolute approval, "BEST wishes, and
> LOTS of luck"!!

Good riddance!

Your abuse is more than a little countered by the constant destruction
you inflict upon us, more than overcompensating any (minor) advantage
that your "buggy" drivers ever offered.

"I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore"

> In any case, Rugxulo shall now have his wish:
> Goodbye.

Bull and crap. You have never kept your word before, and I certainly
don't expect it now. I certainly wish somebody would explicitly ban
you, since clearly you have no intention of actually "helping" anyone,
nor of staying silent, doing any research, fixing bugs, or doing
anything else constructive!

How many times have you said you were going away? And yet you never
do. You just want to make a fool of yourself by throwing your weight
around, constantly telling people that "xyz made me mad, and that's
why I'm punishing you". You just can't take any responsibility!

Ridiculous. All this hate, all over literally one innocuous sentence.
Absolutely ridiculous, especially after all the hours I wasted on you.
But you just can't leave well enough alone. No matter how hard I try,
you still find your way back in, just to annoy me. "Worst betrayal",
give me a break. As if your private May 16 email wasn't bad enough,
you just have to keep making things worse.

Get out, and don't come back!

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