OK, Rugxulo, thanks for the clarification and further tips.

On 6/17/2015 7:29 PM, Rugxulo wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 5:32 PM, John Hupp <free...@prpcompany.com> wrote:
>> Now I have found mTCP, available in the FreeDOS install CD's Net collection,
>> or in a newer version from developer Michael Brutman's web site at
>> http://www.brutman.com/mTCP/
> It's not newer, it's the same one:
> 1). http://www.freedos.org/software/?prog=mtcp
> 2). http://www.brutman.com/mTCP/mTCP_2013-05-23_upx.zip
> 3). 
> http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/net/mtcp/mTCP_2013-05-23_upx.zip
>> For use behind a hardware firewall (my router), I just set it up to do
>> anonymous FTP with read/write access to the entire file system, then I just
>> run it as needed.  (It's not a TSR, so you can't do anything else while it's
>> running.)
> I've never tried this particular functionality. I think he warns
> against it (implying you should be very careful), but it does (IIRC)
> support "shelling out" while running.
>>  From my Windows machine, I just use Windows Explorer or a web browser and
>> open ftp://<IP-address-of-the-server>.
> There's also a Win32 command-line version of FTP under
> %windir%\System32\ftp.exe . You might also be able to use
> Necromancer's DOS Navigator (NDN), but it's been a few years since I
> tried FTP with that.
> 1). http://ndn.muxe.com    (not loading, sigh)
> 2a). ftp://ftp.sac.sk/pub/sac/utilfile/navigatr.exe
> 2b). ftp://ftp.sac.sk/pub/sac/utilfile/navigatw.exe
>> Reportedly you can use its DHCP client for anything else that needs it, but
>> I don't know how to do that.  This may be of interest to me as I turn to get
>> reacquainted with Arachne.  I don't know whether it has its own DHCP client
>> or another provision.
> Most other apps seem to use Watt-32, e.g. Wget or Links2 or similar
> DJGPP stuff. IIRC, you first have to "set WATTCP.CFG=c:\utils" with
> WATTCP.CFG there containing "my_ip = dhcp" (or similar). That's what I
> do under my MetaDOS floppy, with packet driver, and it works.
> There's also m2wat.c , which someone whipped up a few months ago.
> https://www.mail-archive.com/freedos-user@lists.sourceforge.net/msg15414.html

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