Last two weekends I worked a bit on my MIDI player for DOS (DOSMid), and 
here I release DOSMid v0.6.

DOSMid is a MIDI player for DOS - it reads MIDI files (either single 
files or playlists), and drives any MPU401 compatible synthesizer (I 
personally use a SoundBlaster AWE 64 card, but any other card with 
either an internal wavetable or an external synth connected will work, 
as long as it talks standard MPU401).

What's new in v0.6 ?
  - fixed a timing issue leading sometimes to desynchronization of tracks,
  - fixed a bug that could potentially lead to XMS memory trashing,
  - configurable MPU port via the BLASTER variable or /mpu=XXX,
  - DOSMid fails gracefully when no MPU401 is present (instead of freezing),
  - added software volume controls under '+' and '-' keys,
  - the MPU is reinitialized to default values before playing any new 
  - interface fitted with a sexier color scheme,
  - using CPU-friendly calls when waiting for notes (disabled with 
  - very basic support for reading M3U playlists,
  - added a verbose mode for debugging needs (/log=FILE).

DOSMid's homepage is here: http://dosmid.sourceforge.net/


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