On Sat, Jun 27, 2015 at 4:59 PM, Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr> wrote:
> I understand your "utilitarian" way of thinking, but this is a specific
> case for me. There are some pieces of software that I consider "museum
> grade" and that I want to keep running it their full legacy glory, as
> much as possible. Ultimate Doom is one of them.

I'm not saying don't use it, but at the same time, if it's more
trouble than it's worth, then just use a different extender or main
.EXE (port) entirely. That way the game still runs, maybe even better,
and you don't lose anything, only bugs.

There's nothing wrong with keeping history or trying to be less
intrusive in fixes/workarounds. But keep in mind that Doom has been
GPL since 1999, so there's no "good" reason to stick to a buggy
(default) build ... if it doesn't work well.

BTW, I forgot I had Doom 1.9 (shareware) here (circa 1995), so I did a
quick install (no music, PC speaker sfx). It played just fine for
several levels, using default extender ... until I quit the game, then
it crashed/hung/beeped with MCB error.   :-P     And that's on a more
modern machine than yours, of course not running LBACACHE but still
using ("Mar-05", 2015) XMGR, UIDE, RDISK.

> About the general problem: I did already found a working solution
> (although my previous mail was maybe unclear in this aspect).
> To keep things short:
>   - Doom apparently requires a few megs of XMS memory to be available
> under "low" addresses (below 16M or so)

I didn't change anything, same setup of mine as always (UIDE /S127,
XMGR /N128, RDISK /S150). BTW, a naive look inside DOOM.EXE shows
"DOS/4GW Professional ... Nov 23 1993 ... 1.95". Yet no crash/hang at
exit under DOSEMU (but which has its own DPMI server, thus indirectly
avoiding the issue). N.B. PC speaker sound is almost useless under
DOSEMU (unlike native DOS), the exact same buzz for literally every

>   - to achieve that, either make sure you don't load too much resident
> stuff into XMS (small lbacache is ok), or move the resident stuff as far
> to the end of the XMS universe as possible (xmsdsk /t)

Did you try SHSURDRV? At least that's free (since he told me it's ZLIB license).

> So all in all, it works for me, and I'm happy. My previous mail was
> trying to say I'm good now, and pointing to the conclusions and
> solutions I found just in case anyone would wonder about the same
> problem in ten years or twenty years from now.

Forget ten or twenty years, what about now??


I don't use Steam, but I can only guess what it requires. It at least
says "XP/Vista". Who knows if that means DOSBox (which is explicitly
not a real DOS, only meant for games, probably has hardcoded fixes for
bugs like this!). Maybe it (also) works under (Steam) Linux, dunno,
maybe DOSBox, but they probably have their own preferred Doom port
(PrBoom?? Chocolate??). EDIT: Even Freedoom only recommends Odamex and
PrBoom+ these days.

> Limiting LBACACHE to 4MiB is a price to pay also, but I can live with that.

But you shouldn't have to! At least, having a separate CONFIG.SYS
entry just for one game seems silly when it can be avoided entirely
(although I'm not so sure, but anyways).

P.S. I vaguely remember trying this same Doom shareware demo a while
back under VBox, where it had even more bugs, even with VT-X. I really
do just think the "old" .EXE is just buggy. I'm not saying all the
(abandoned) DOS builds are any better, unfortunately, just saying ...
we could indeed recompile it, if forced.

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