Hi Mateusz,

>   - I don't like the idea of having fragmented XMS memory

Indeed. See below...

>   - UIDE seems to interact with my soundcard - when UIDE is loaded, I 
> loose FM music in Wolfenstein 3D


>   - UIDE is not open-source anymore, while LBACACHE is both open-source 
> and still (somewhat?) maintained

Well XIDE is not open source and UIDE is not maintained, but
there have been no updates for LBACACHE for several years :-p
While the most recent open source UIDE is only 3 months old.

UIDE and XIDE might differ quite a bit, too. You could take
a recent UIDE version and start maintaining it if you prefer.

Some people see XIDE as closed source continuation of UIDE,
I see it as closed fork, but it could be a rather different
implementation of ideas known from UIDE and no actual fork.

> The final clue is to remember that some applications need "low" XMS 
> memory, so for such applications one should always try to load resident 
> XMS stuff somewhere else. For my personal situation, the winning duo is 
> LBACACHE with a small cache (not more than 4MB, and some hopes that 
> maybe in some utopian future LBACACHE will gain a /T option?) + SHSURDRV /T.

As mentioned earlier, all those tricks are just working around
annoying limitations of the totally outdated DOS extender used
by DOOM. The better solution is to replace that: Use DOS32A or
load a resident instance of CWSDPMI while playing DOOM :-)

The old (DOS4GW or similar) DOS extender used by DOOM might be
designed with 286 or 386 or XMS 2 in mind, lacking imagination
that usable RAM could exist beyond the first 16 or 64 MB... ;-)

Cheers, Eric

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