To all on this forum who say "Calmaros" [Lets be calm] etc., read THIS:

In 1975. 1977, 1979, and 1981, I was declared DEAD by my parents, after
a RIDICULOUS and totally WRONG comment from my sister in 1975, and also
over my converting from Judaism to Episcopalianism in 1974.   They died
in 1987 (mother) and 1991 (father), and from their 3rd "death sentence"
in 1979, I chose NEVER to see them again!

Rugxulo went even farther than THEY DID!!

And Jim Hall did nothing -- TOTALLY NOTHING -- to STOP his "Fair-haired

As I know Hall and all of you are DESPERATE to retain UIDE, since your
hopelessly UNDER-performing system may REALLY be worthless without it,
fine:  Keep it!   UIDE may or may-not have the same audio errors noted
on BTTR for the now-dropped XIDE, and other problems might be found in
UIDE over time.

But that is now YOUR problem, not mine.   As I noted to Alain Mouette,
Je suis FINI avec FreeDOS!

I have now asked Johnson Lam NOT to post any MORE of my updates on his
website, not even closed-source .SYS files, which I REFUSE to see used
by FreeDOS (he can offer them PRIVATELY, to DOS users in China)!   The
new drivers are now 20% faster than UIDE, that lacks UltraDMA overlap,
Read Ahead -- ask Eric Auer what that is -- or anything else I may add
later, while UIDE becomes more-and-more OBSOLETE.

But, that too is YOUR problem, not mine -- JE SUIS FINI AVEC FreeDOS!!

And please DON'T EVEN TRY offering further wretched Hearts-and-Flowers
comments to me --

Rugxulo went even farther than MY PARENTS DID!!

So, once more for all the "cheap seats", I AM FINISHED WITH FREEDOS!!!

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