On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 11:37 AM, sparky4 <spar...@cock.li> wrote:

> http://4ch.mooo.com/fdos/pack/jp.zip
> here i made a package....
> I hope this is OK
Looks like jp.zip is not ok to redistribute. There is no license
information to indicate if these programs can be shared. Just because it
has source code does not mean it is free.

The intent was probably that CHEJ was not free software. At the top of the
chej/CHEJ.PAS file, the "All right reserved" comment suggests that Natrium
meant this as non-free software:

>  *
>    *
>  *                          CHEJ.EXE <MultiMode CHEV>
>     *
>  *                            (<82><BF><82><A5><82><B6><82><A5>)  ver 6.10
>                            *
>  *                  COPYRIGHTED (C) by Natrium, since 1992.7
>    *
>  *                              All right reserved.
>     *
>  *
>    *
> ******************************************************************************
>  *)

I do not know about dspvv/DSPVV.ASM, as it does not contain any statements
to indicate its status. At best, this comment:

;       DspVV V1.09 <Display Driver for Vanilla VGA>    by Torry

But without any indication that this is free software or may be otherwise
shared, the assumption is that is not.

I infer that fontn10/fontn.asm is meant as commercial software, and
probably proprietary. The comment block at the top is unhelpful, but this
output later in the code says it is from Nanshiki Corp.:

fontx_name      db      'FONTX2'
> title_msg       db      'Font subsystem  [',EXM,']  Ver ',VER,'  Copyright
> 1996 (c) Nanshiki Corp.',CR,LF,'$'

My advice is that you should not share the jp.zip package. This is non-free
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