For a US layout keyboard and the default BIOS keyboard driver: I brought 
this issue up a long time ago and learned that by design R-Alt is a dead 
key and does not duplicate the functionality of L-Alt.

I have always found it to be awkward, slow and displeasing to invent 
some other finger usage to do an Alt-File or Alt-X, which are very 
common key combinations.

Today I have been studying xkeyb and keyb, trying to find a way to get 
what I wanted, but I have come up dry so far.

With xkeyb, recent versions now support an extended scancode for R-Alt 
(E56), but L-Alt is 56, and the [Shifts] section of its US.KEY supports 
association of only one scancode with ALT, and by default that scancode 
is 56.  By contrast, [Shifts] has a Shift1 and Shift2 association, 
thereby enabling both L-Shift and R-Shift to be identified as Shift keys.

With keyb, documentation notes that one might edit a KEY file and use KC 
with that to compile a custom keyboard layout (KL) file to load, and I 
am now trying to plow through the KC doc files, but it's pretty dense 

Can anyone detail or at least outline a solution?

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