Hello list,

Today I released a new version of DOSMid, my MIDI player for DOS. This 
version brings numerous improvements, and much wider compatibility.

DOSMid v0.7 [29 Jul 2015]
  - native support for SB AWE32/AWE64 sound cards (no need for AWEUTIL),
  - OPL2/OPL3 output support via emulated (waveform) GM patches,
  - support for *.MUS files, as used in many Doom-like games by Id Software,
  - optimized MIDI loading routines - MIDI files are loading twice as 
fast now,
  - added a pause function (space key),
  - song's filename is displayed during load time,
  - the /nodelay option is no longer default (use /delay to force).

homepage: http://dosmid.sourceforge.net/

Also available via FDNPKG.


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