This is a short announcement about the release of Gopherus v1.0b. 
Gopherus is a gopher browser for DOS (and other platforms, too).

The v1.0b brings minor changes, as listed below:

Gopherus v1.0b [29 Jul 2015]:
  - [new] Added support for scripted downloading (-o=xxx),
  - [new] Migrated SDL ports to SDL2 (Linux, Windows),
  - [fix] The 'downloading' status bar counter is refreshed once per 
second instead of being redrawn at every received packet,
  - [fix] Recompiled the DOS version linking against an 80386-friendly 
  - [fix] DOS exe linked with a 387 emu lib so gopherus can run on a 386SX.

Project's homepage is at http://gopherus.sourceforge.net/


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