I am new to this list. I was trying to compile a keyboard layout for
the isolatin 819 codepage with the following code in the tx.key file:

 40 !C1 !C2

' aá eé ií oó uú AÁ EÉ IÍ OÓ UÚ nñ NÑ CÇ cç #32'
" aä eë iï oö uü AÄ EË IÏ OÖ UÜ ?¿ !¡ <« >» #32"

0 -
437 k c
819 k c



This far, I've managed to "kill" the <apostrophe> and <doublequote>
keys (they're "dead") upon compilation, but I haven't managed to make
them start the diacritic sequences. What I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Luis Rivera

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