On 22/08/2015 04:54, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> I think FDNPKG is simply a binary installer, can it update?  But FreeBSD 
> ports and pkgng, and NetBSD pkgsrc, and Gentoo portage, are no doubt much 
> more advanced.

FDNPKG can install, remove, update (automatically or on demand) FreeDOS 
packages, either from online repositories (http and/or gopher), as well 
as from local repositories (like from a CDROM).

FDNPKG capabilities are probably quite self-explanatory when one looks 
at its help screen.

FDNPKG v0.98 Copyright (C) Mateusz Viste 2012, 2013
This is a network package manager for FreeDOS.

Usage: FDNPKG action [parameters]

Where action is one of the following:
  search [string]   - Search net repositories for package containing 
  vsearch [string]  - Same as 'search', but prints also source repositories
  install pkg       - Install the package 'pkgname' (or local zip file)
  install-nosrc pkg - Install the package 'pkg' (or local zip file) w/o 
  install-wsrc pkg  - Install the package 'pkg' (or local zip file) with 
  remove pkg        - Remove the package 'pkgname'
  listlocal [str]   - List all local (installed) packages containing 'str'
  listfiles pkg     - List files owned by the package 'pkg'
  checkupdates      - check for available updates of packages and 
display them
  update [pkg]      - update 'pkg' to last version (or all packages if 
no arg)
  dumpcfg           - print out the configuration loaded from the cfg file
  license           - print out the license of this program

FDNPKG is linked against WatTCP version below:
Watt-32 (2.2.10), GNU-C 3.4.4 (386), djgpp 2.03, Dec 12 2013


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