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On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 11:19 PM, Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr> wrote:
> Yes, I have considered the possibility that it might be a hardware
> problem. Wouldn't be that surprising given that's a 25 years old
> machine. I also resoldered lots of stuff fixing PCB traces and replacing
> a few passive components because the mainboard was in a very poor state
> when I got it, due to an evil battery leak.
> But the problem I have is happening only with XMS, and it does work
> almost perfectly with FDXMS (with the exception of Wolf3D not detecting
> XMS), so I'd rather think there is something non-standard about this
> 386SX, and that it does something differently than expected by most XMS
> managers. That's one of the first 32bit machines after all - plenty of
> space for non-standard solutions. Plus, the BIOS memory test passes all
> right, and other XMS-relying programs work fine, too.

It could actually be a cpu bug. Didn't early 386s have bugs with some

"Early in production, Intel discovered a marginal circuit that could
cause a system to return incorrect results from 32-bit multiply
operations." (Wikipedia)

Also see here ("80386 Bugs"):


> I will follow your suggestion and test newer versions of HIMEMX

IIRC, HIMEMX had a quirk/bug where a 386 [sic] needed to do "jmp $+2"
after enabling pmode. I don't think this was officially ever fixed
(only in unofficial later releases), so if you're still using 3.32,
it's probably still there.


Ah, here's the old discussion we had on BTTR (circa 2009):


(Rod P.'s unofficial 3.34 is mostly for workaround "modern" memory
holes, probably irrelevant for your 386, but IIRC it does include the
above fix too.)

>and XMSGR, even if unofficial/closedsource,

No, I meant the one still on iBiblio, circa this year (2015), not old
from 2012 (not sure why you're using that one). Though honestly I
don't know if anything significant changed since then anyways.


> just for the sake of knowing whether it changes anything. Then indeed,
> my next plan was to install MSDOS and see if it works fine, but I
> thought it might be a good idea to ask around here first for some
> first-hand experience.

I'm surprised I even remembered any of this. Maybe I'm not completely
useless after all (just close enough!).  :-P

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