On 8/26/2015 12:59 AM, Rugxulo wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 1:04 AM, Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr> wrote:
>> Rugxulo, Ralph,
>> Thank you both for your inputs! Here's the endgame :)
>> I already tried to test the RAM on this machine using both "AleGr
>> MEMTEST 2.00" and "MEMTEST86+ 4.20" (from a boot floppy), but both fail
>> miserably - AleGr MEMTEST imemdiately freezes, while MEMTEST86+
>> immediately reboots the PC.
> I vaguely remember an older version (circa 2003) hacked by Eric, which
> I think is this one, so if super curious, you could try it:
> http://ericauer.cosmodata.virtuaserver.com.br/soft/specials/memteste.zip
If MemTest86+ (exactly THAT and none else ever mentioned by me, and of 
course the latest version) is not properly running on a PC, there is 
something fishy with that host, either something not "standard" or there 
is a problem with the memory/CPU...
>> The BIOS test passes though, so even if RAM chips are bad, they are at
>> least seemingly behaving correctly.
The RAM "test" in most BIOS'es isn't a test for properly working RAM, it 
is merely a test if RAM is accessible/available at a certain memory 
location, and hence means absolutely nothing for the proper operation of 
a PC...
> Well, it's probably not your RAM then.
Wrong conclusion...


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