On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 4:28 PM, Chris Beneke <chrisben...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I couldn't find specific references about this software in the archives, but 
> I love this DOS graphics program...
> and am looking forward to the arrival of a recently purchased copy (with 5  
> 3.5" floppies and the extensive
> user manuals).

I've never used it, but certainly I've heard of it. Nevertheless, I'm
not an animator, so I don't have the skill for it.

> DosBox on my various distros (Raspbian and RISC on a pi2 and in Precise Puppy 
> on a Thinkpad G40)
> handles the available online versions okay. Programmer Jim Kent open-sourced 
> the software
> (see: animatorpro.org) and the maintainer Breton Slivka has the non-Pro 
> version available at github
> (minus the useful but potentially non-free fonts!) and a link to a Pro 
> version via his blog.
> I have some suspicions that Animator Pro's use of Phar Lap to stretch the 
> available memory may not
> be compatible with FreeDOS.

There's no reason to think that. While I've not heavily used many Phar
Lap .EXEs in recent years, there are plenty of DOS extenders that work
fine, e.g. Watcom (Doom) and DJGPP (Quake). (Although recompiling this
particular project with an entirely different compiler would probably
be a fairly massive undertaking.)

The only Phar Lap one I remember trying in recent years was MS' last
16-bit (OMF, not COFF) linker (upgrade? for VC 1.52) on their FTP
site, which (IIRC) worked fine.

Sure, there could be some rare bug or incompatibility, but that's not
as likely as you'd think.

> If any FreeDOS users are happily running Animator Pro with no problems, 
> please let me know.
> The puppy linux OS on the Thinkpad G40 needs to be updated, so I could devote 
> that machine
> to a FreeDOS system, or even dual-boot with a Linux or OpenBSD, which I used 
> to have installed
> on that machine too.

Dual boot is one option. Or use DOSEMU. Or use VBox or QEMU. Or just
use bootable USB (e.g. RUFUS or UNetBootIn). It depends on what is
most comfortable to you. DOSBox is good but "only for games", so it
lacks some stuff (e.g. 486 DX2, 64 MB max).

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