Hi Sparky,

On 31/08/2015 19:38, sparky4 wrote:
> I want to make a 16 bit version of this program... wwww

You are most certainly welcome to do so - that's what open-source is all 

I can't help but wonder though - is there any practical need behind such 
work? I don't really see what this would improve. Sure, it would make 
FDNPKG potentially run on 80286 CPUs - but I am not convinced anyone 
would want to run a package manager on a 286. Disk space is usually 
scarce on these machines (if there is a hard disk in the first place), 
so I'd rather think people will turn to good old manual 'copying what I 
need' on such hardware. It's worth noting that 8086 and 80186 are out of 
scope anyway due to memory constraints, since FDNPKG definitely requires 
more than 640K of RAM to work.


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