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> Hi,
> On Sun, Aug 23, 2015 at 10:50 AM, Marlon Ng <guikaye <at>> wrote:
> >
> > First partition, drive C:, of hard disk is Windows 7. Second partition
> > (50MB), drive H: , is for FreeDos.
> It's been a while since I've installed FD from .iso (mostly under
> emulators), but I'll try to help.
> > I downloaded the FreeDos iso file "fdbasecd.iso",
> Why that old one? A quick double-check online shows "fd11src.iso" as newest:
> > mount it on a virtual drive, installed it in the second partition (drive
> You just ran the installer, I take it? Didn't manually do anything else?
> > The files are in H:\FDOS, not in the root directory H:\. Is this ok?
> The only files that should (presumably) be in the root directory are
> KERNEL.SYS and maybe COMMAND.COM . Don't delete anything, but I don't
> think you (normally) need more than that in root. So yes, everything
> else in H:\FDOS (presumably %DOSDIR%) is reasonable.
> > Downloaded EasyBCD 2.3 Beta build (because 2.2 does not have FreeDOS OS as
> > an option to include in the boot menu).
> Yes, Vista on up don't support the old (easier?) XP way via BOOT.INI,
> so you have to use EasyBCD. Well, or you could just use something
> ultra simple (like BootMgr, which fits in the MBR), assuming you've
> already got an "active" FAT partition that has its own local boot
> sector installed via SYS.COM .
> > Managed to add FreeDOS in the boot menu, but when I try to boot FreeDOS, I
> > get what seems like the GRUB boot manager saying something which I forgot.
> Is GRUB installed on your FAT partition?? Then I doubt it's GRUB.
> Presumably it's just saying "not an active partition" or "can't find
> boot sector" or something similar. So you probably need to (re)run
> SYS.COM (or maybe FDISK /MBR ... I forget, might be dangerous, can't
> remember whether it partially modifies/preserves the existing
> partition table, at worst you should probably save your existing MBR
> to file via BOOTMGR.COM first).
> > I cannot boot FreeDOS.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> >
> > Thank you for your time.
> I'm not sure if it's reasonable to install FreeDOS from within Win7
> itself. (You are talking about native physical install, not
> virtualized, right?) You said you "mounted on virtual drive", but that
> presumably doesn't give you raw hard drive access. Normally you boot
> DOS itself (natively, via floppy or CD or USB) and manually run the
> installer tools, e.g. fdisk, (reboot), format, sys, xcopy, (etc.). So
> if you already have an "active" FAT partition, you can then run (DOS)
>, something like this: "sys a: c: /BOOTONLY" to update the boot
> sector.
> An easier way (or maybe good way to troubleshoot / repair) is to use
> RUFUS, which is a bootable USB made from within Windows itself:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rugxulo!!! Thanks for replying! Before anything else, why didn't I receive
your reply thru email??  I use Lubuntu and when I ask something thru the
Lubuntu mailing list, I get answers thru email!

Anyway, I've managed to install and boot from freedos using the tips here:

If you will scroll down a bit, you will find that he suggests the following



cd NLS
set lang=EN

It's not that important to me that I understand the above, but if you could
explain it in real simple terms, that would be great.

What does "bin\sys  F:  C:\FDOSBOOT.BIN  BOOTONLY" do?  I get an error or
something from it, forgot what it was.

I sort of understand this: copy BIN\KERNEL32.SYS F:\KERNEL.SYS
That copies kernel32.sys from bin into the root directory, but it would be
renamed kernel.sys .  Why?

I also don't understand "makecmd" and I think it also gave me an error
message.  I've managed to put on the root directory, though.

As I've said, it's not really important to me.  But here's my main problem
and I hope you know a solution.

1.  When I boot into FreeDOS, it almost always asks me to enter the date and
time.  Is this normal?

2.  I can run an old Clipper program but the program has to be in the same
drive/partition as FreeDOS; I cannot access other drive/partition when I'm
in FreeDOS.  Is this normal?
3.  When I'm using the Clipper program, I can print just fine.  But I cannot
enter data.  I get the DOS ERROR 4, something like that.  When running the
Clipper program in command prompt in Windows 7 and I get the DOS ERROR 4,
all I have to do is edit the autoexec.nt and config.nt in windows\system32.
 What would be the equivalent of that in FreeDOS?

Thank you for your time!

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