Hello list,

I have installed freedos on qemu (both x86_64 and i386), but cannot start
the networking.


mTCP DHCP Client (by M Brutman ....)

Init: Coult not access packet driver at INT 0x60
Could not initalize TCP/IP stack

Since this is installed on Qemu, which is an emulator, I don't know where
to find the appropriate driver, or how to configure it properly. I could
not find the answer in the chapter Packet driver installation

I have also tried to remove LH, so the line in autoexec.bat reads:

In which case i get the message during boot

Packet driver is at segment 03E4
PCNTPK-DOS-015: Device not found.

and the boot stalls at that point.

Please advise. Where to find the appropriate driver for a virtual device?

Thanks in advance.
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