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MetaDOS 0.2 (network-aware floppy .img, 100% open source) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage E-mail, Usono, 15.09.2015, 02:14

Since someone was asking about packet drivers under QEMU on the
freedos-user mailing list, I decided to finally just upload MetaDOS 0.2
for them/us. It's far from perfect, somewhat simplistic and rough around
the edges, but (for now) it's better than nothing.


It's only default a 600 kb .ZIP (with 3 MB .7z for full sources). You
can see a listing of the .img contents here.


* simple floppy .img
(minimal tools, XMS only, customizable RAM disk size)

* but a full HD install is still possible
(fdisk, format, sys, bootmgr, xwcopy)

* custom FD 2041 kernel, easy to rebuild
(minor patches for OLB [Eric Auer] and ctime [Matej Horvat])

* networking enabled by default for QEMU or VBox
(NE2000 or PCNET), e.g. FTP (or optionally Wget or Links2, if needed)

* "fetch" to grab various files (e.g. FD "BASE" or "UTIL")

* "stubs" (to fill in gaps dynamically at runtime)

* "tests" (to prove that everything works as intended)

* "binhack" for (legally) patching binary files when needed

* "extras" that aren't crucial but still interesting

* isolation of certain settings, thus %BOOT%, %RAMDRIVE%,
%EDITOR% are easily changeable (so booting USB on my old P4
as "c:" via PLoP boot manager floppy still works even if USB
is forced read-only)

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